An overview of the services we provide
to our patients.
Overview of Our Services
Skilled Nursing
This involves skilled assessment of all systems inclusive response to medications and other treatment modalities. Education, diet regimen, safety precautions, emergency measures and available community resources are greatly emphasized. Coordination and involvement of other services such as: physicians, therapists, medical social workers and dietitians are followed up during the entire treatment plan.
Home Health Aide
Certified nurse aides perform personal care and assist patients with their activities of daily living. Specific duties include giving baths, catheter care, as well as ROM exercises, transferring and assistance with ambulation.
Physical Therapy
Registered physical therapists evaluate, plan and provide care with the approval of the patient's primary physician. The care consists of a therapeutic home exercise program, transfer, gait training, and proper safety use of assistive devices.
Occupational Therapy
Registered occupational therapists assist physicians in evaluating a patient's functional level. In addition, therapists guide patients in the performance of therapeutic, creative and self-care activities.
Speech Therapy
Speech therapists evaluate a patient's speech and swallowing abilities and provide an approved rehabilitation program for speech and swallowing impairment.
Medical Social Services
Social workers assist the physicians and the team in understanding the significance of social and emotional factors related to the patient's health problems. Furthermore, they assist clients in obtaining and utilizing available community resources.
Medical Supplies and Durable Equipments
Durable equipments are provided by the agency's contracted companies and deliver equipment directly to the patient's house.
Physician's Services
These services are provided to those elderly who do not have their own primary physicians. Our assigned physicians do home visits in a regular and timely manner.
Laboratory Services
Blood and other specimen are tested in our contracted laboratory facilities.
Skilled nursing care is provided by Registered Nurses under the direction of the patient's own doctor.

Some of the nursing services include:
  • Physical Assessment
  • Administration of oral and IV medication
  • Ostomy care
  • Wound care
  • Instruction regarding diet, understanding of disease processes, or injury and its prevention
  • Catheter care